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Balfolk Toronto is a not-for-profit group. Become a member (below) and support your community! Membership is free.



Balfolk Toronto is a not for profit organization which organizes events in Toronto and in Ontario around the social traditional folk dancing and traditional folk music of western Europe, with a focus on France traditions. Under the umbrella of “Balfolk”, this tradition is also a growing and evolving tradition, not a reenactment, and can include modern composed tunes, as well as the ever changing manifestation of social folk dance in a modern world, while still being rooted in tradition.


Balfolk Toronto envisions a community of dancers, singers and musicians, spreading joy, creativity and connection through traditional western European dance and music. We see a community of both professional and amatuer musicians/dancers that is continuously learning about traditional dances and music and developing their own methods of creative expression and community engagement through dancing these dances and playing these tunes in our current environment, community and era.

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