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As of July 2023, we are meeting every Monday in Toronto outdoors on the patio of the High Park Nature Centre, near High Park Ave. and Bloor, from around 7:30pm-10:30pm. 

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Big Branch Kick Off Concert + Dance Workshop (Toronto)

Kick-Off Poster_page-0001.jpg

6:30-8pm Dance Workshop: Bourrée d'Auvergne
8pm Doors Open for Concert
8:30-10:30pm Concert
10:30-11:30pm Bal

Bougnat Sound (France)
Chabanne (France)
Eloise & Co. (USA)


In Concert September 6, 2023

Array Space 155 Walnut Ave Toronto

Join us to welcome our international performers for this year's Big Branch Festival! We're taking advantage of their time in Ontario to present them in concert in Toronto!

Bougnat Sound and Chabanne specialize in the music of Auvergne in central France, where they are also highly involved in the preservation of the local traditional music and dance scene. Bougnat Sound's line up of accordion, tenor banjo, and cabrette (Auvergnat bagpipe) is derived from the Auvergnat bals in Paris in the 20s and 30s when folks from the country moved up to the city for work, and brought with them their local music and dance traditions. Chabanne is a voice and accordion duo presenting songs in the old local dialect of the Occitan language.

Eloise & Co. features the combined creative force of two of the US's most sought-after acoustic traditional musicians, Becky Tracy and Rachel Bell. They crank out dance and concert music with unbridled energy and soaring beauty.

2023-2024 Season

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