All artwork by Kathryn Durst. All photos by Reenie Perkovic.

Big Branch Past Line - Up 2019 

2020 info to be posted early 2020!



Arnaud Bibonne: Bagpipes, Singing

Maider Martineau: Accordion, Singing, Dance Workshops

Adar draws on the sounds from Gascony to Basque Country, with many instruments: traditional bagpipes, accordions, drums and... singing of course ! 

Maider Martineau is a multi-instrumentalist from the Basque Country. She is known as an expert of Basque traditional accordion, trikitixa, alboka, pandero, and traditional singing and dance. In 2015 she lived in Quebec for a few years, and as of 2018 is back in Basque Country where she performs in a number of groups (Manez, Kobreak) and directs a choir.

Arnaud Bibonne, singer, musician, composer, performer, started playing music at the age of 12. He plays in the following France-based projects: Nhac, Faburden, Los Cinc Jaus, Adar, NUO, as well as a duo with fiddler Camille Raibaud (from Laüsa). He has won 3 contests including the Solo Category of Saint Chartier festival in 2007, and has a diploma of traditional musical studies from the conservatory of Limoges.

Benoît Roblin


Benoit Roblin: Hurdy Gurdy, Singing, Dance Workshops

From the region of Berry, France, Benoit Roblin's repertoire covers a vast number of traditions, including from Berry, Poitou, Gascony, and modern tunes for common dances. He completed his diploma in traditional music in 2008 and has been performing since with various projects such as Decibal, Hervé Duo, Son de Bouc, and NUO.

Duo Jonsson/Coudroy

Sweden / France

Lena Jonsson: Fiddle (Sweden)


Martin Coudroy: Diatonic Accordion (Bretagne, France)

Between Sweden and France, Hälsingland and Britanny, Swing Musette, traditional tunes or brand new compositions, they will make you share sparkling moments and emotions.

Lena and Martin reveal these links, create them, underscore them, and … make you forget them.

Dani Padpé 


Daniel ​​​​​​​​​ Detammaecker: Vocals, Percussion, Harmonica, Dance Instruction

Stylistically representing Gascony, Dani brings play and fun to the dance floor, through his music: harmonica, vocals, percussion, and his dance instruction: solid in tradition, with an eye to the future!